Clutter Free Lifestyle: An Organized Junk Drawer

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An Organized Junk Drawer

by Cindy Kamm


Every kitchen I’ve ever organized, including my own, has the ubiquitous junk drawer. The last bastion where stuff gets dumped that seemingly doesn’t have a home anywhere else. Believe it or not, I am actually a fan of having a junk drawer.  A well-organized junk drawer, that is. There are certain items that we all use from time to time that simply belong in the kitchen.


While these items will vary from home to home, a typical junk drawer will be made up of scissors, tape, keys, measuring tape, post-it notes, matches, lip balm, a few tools, etc. So, how to organize a junk drawer to find what you need without screaming when you open the drawer?


Step One/

Empty your current junk drawer either onto a counter or into a box and wipe down the drawer.


Step Two/

Sort everything into categories: keep, recycle, trash, or “belongs in another room.” Toss expired items and be ruthless. Are you really going to use those leftover chopsticks from a take-out order two years ago? The last thing you want is to create an over-stuffed drawer, especially since you’ve taken the time to organize it.


Step Three/

Purchase a drawer divider or look around the house for containers to divide up the drawer into sections.


Step Four/

Utilizing your drawer dividers or containers, organize your junk drawer items by category and/or size of the dividers. Put the scissors in the long section, paper clips and rubber bands in the smaller sections, etc.


Of course there are a myriad of options for drawer dividers/containers.  Here are a few examples:

Expand-a- Drawer - The Container Store

Axis Junk Drawer Organizer - Amazon

You can also use ice cube trays, muffin tins or a series of shallow drawer organizers, like these – The Container Store

Whichever system you choose, remember to go through your newly organized junk drawer on a regular basis.