Dating: What You Should Talk About On A First Date

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Four First Date Conversation Starters

by Melissa Chapman

There is no denying that making conversation on a first date can be grueling and down right awkward. Those long pauses and awkward silences, punctuated by long sips from a glass of red wine, can feel like an eternity and there is not one dater who will tell you otherwise. The silence can be deafening, as you struggle to find a topic to fill in the dead air; to assure yourself and this person that you have stuff in common, that you might be a match and that maybe you should take this date to the next level- aka, the salad course.

So the million dollar question is what should you talk about that will minimize any awkward silences and give you a window into this person's very essence and soul. And most importantly you need conversation starters will help you determine if you actually can hold a meaningful chat with this person that doesn't make you want to cut a hole in the floor that will swallow you whole.


1/ Ask your date about the best part of their day

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their answer is sure to give you a window into their soul and how they define their happiness. Their answer will not only spark conversation but allow you to see if you are a good match.


2/ Ask your date about their favorite childhood memory

We all have one and it is a non invasive open-ended opportunity for you to find out more about your date's past without forcing the conversation.


3/ Ask your date about their dream vacation

This is a great way to get intel on what their dreams are, and what kind of future they hope to attain. It can serve as the catalyst for much deeper conversation about their broader life's goals and can help you decide if you think you would fit into their life's plan (or if you even want to for that matter).


4/ Ask your date about the last great book they read and or film they've seen

If your date cannot remember the last book they read that will speak volumes about his/her personality. Of course if the last movie they've seen is a documentary about wolves that will also provide a keen insight into their likes and dislikes and whether those will meld well with yours. This conversation starter can either be the greatest way for the two of you to bond over your love of 'The Hangover', or the quickest way for you to determine that the fact that this person has not read a book since high school is a deal-breaker.