High Intensity Workout Without the Risk of Injury

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Low Impact Workouts with High Impact Results

by Theresa Heim

Several years ago, I fractured my ankle from running. I pushed myself too far, too soon. Since then, I have been susceptible to injuries if I put too much stress on my joints. At first, I struggled with not being able to run, or do a high intensity cardio class. I’m a fitness junkie, so for me, the more extreme, the better. But I have found ways to get that high intensity workout, without the risk of injury.


Cardio Barre Classes

Barre classes are no impact workouts known for toning and lengthening the muscles for a sinewy dancer’s body. Kick it up a few notches, and you have cardio barre. These are high energy classes that get the heart rate high and the limbs to shake uncontrollably, so your body will burn calories all day long.


Power Yoga

Power Yoga is an off shoot of Ashtanga yoga, and popularized in America by Santa Monica’s own Bryan Kest. These classes are an up-tempo series of vinyasas and strength exercises, and while the room is typically not heated, this form of yoga will definitely make you sweat.


Megaformer Pilates

Pilates performed on a Megaformer is often describes as Pilates on steroids. The Megaformer enables you to work on several muscle areas at once, and at different angles, using straps, weights and springs. This amped up version of a Pilates class is harsh. There are no breaks, no mercy, and you will be shaking within the first few minutes of class.



Spinning is of one of the most popular low impact workouts that doesn’t stress your joints. With so many indoor cycling classes to choose from, it’s good to shop around to find the best workout for your needs. For a high intensity spin class, find one that incorporates weights and high intensity interval training.


Even though the above workouts are not high impact, they are intense and not recommended for those new to exercise. Be sure to inform your instructor if you have had a recent injury so they can help you with modifications if necessary.