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what's a lifestyle business?


at kuyam, we take pride in supporting the best businesses in industries that are all about you, businesses that make you and your community feel happy and healthy. in turn, we help those businesses find new customers and deepen their relationships with existing ones.

about kuyam

founded in 2011 by Kourosh Gohar, Tony Rhoton, and Todd Zebert, what started as a man who simply wanted to get his hair cut has evolved into a fresh online scheduling platform: kuyam.

with kuyam, you can easily discover and schedule appointments with your favorite beauty or fitness service providers. kuyam is also a hub to discover local non-profits.

our office is in Los Angeles where we're building the first kuyam community, the team believes in an organic, friendly and collaberative company environment which celebrates the core idea of kuyam, which in Chumash means, "a meeting place where we can come together."

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