New Year Cleanses

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New Year Cleanses

by Theresa Heim

The holidays are over, yet the bloat from too much eating, drinking and merriment remains. Many of us have resolved to eat better and work out harder in the New Year, but it’s hard to get this resolution in gear when we’re low in energy and stamina. A good, safe cleanse is a terrific way to rid the body of all the toxins that have been building the past few months, and get it ready for a healthy new start.


Eating fiber in its most natural form is one of the greatest ways cleanse out the digestive system and get it into proper working order again. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans are excellent sources of fiber. They not only contribute to flushing out the toxins, but also help you lose those extra holiday pounds.


Drinking lots of water flushes out the kidneys and gets rid of impurities in the body. Water can help with weight loss by curbing the appetite, and it also energizes the muscles. An added bonus of drinking the recommended eight glasses a day is that it keeps the skin looking healthy and young and helps minimize the wrinkles.


Massages are a luxury, but they are also great way to detoxify the body. An intense sports massage that focuses on pressure points releases the buildup of toxins and helps get rid of anything in the body that may make you sick.


Temporarily eliminating white sugar and carbs will get rid of the holiday bloat quickly. Eating a diet consisting mainly of pure proteins, fruits and vegetables is one of the quickest ways to clean out your body and get it back to your summer weight. Be careful not to substitute artificial sweeteners that contain toxins. Opt for coconut sugar or stevia instead.


Yoga can be an especially good way to release toxins from the body. The stretching and twisting removes lymphatic fluids and lactic acid by getting into the deep tissues that regular exercises can’t reach. Yogic breathing is also a natural detoxifier. It helps rid the body of carbon dioxide and takes in life sustaining oxygen.