What To Eat Before You Exercise

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Pre Workout Snacks

by Theresa Heim

Some people think that working out on an empty stomach can help you lose weight and achieve a slimmer, toner body. The truth is, it can have the adverse effect. When your body is hungry, it goes into survival mode and takes protein from the muscle. This can actually slow the metabolism and cause you to lose muscle mass. Eating before you exercise is essential. You may not want a heavy meal before hitting the gym, but there are some lighter snacks, that when eaten an hour or two before, can help you power through your workout.


Simple Smoothies

Simple smoothies are the perfect pre-workout snack because they are high in carbohydrates, which keep you energized, and protein, which helps prevent muscle damage. Smoothies are also easy to digest. Just add some protein powder, fruit and coconut water or milk, and blend.


Whole Grain Crackers

Whole grain crackers with almond butter is a protein packed snack that is lower in calories, yet very satisfying. Be sure to choose an almond butter that doesn’t contain any added sugar, and a cracker that it made with unrefined grains. Some of my favorites are: Mary’s Gone Crackers and Wasa.


Protein Bars

Protein bars are an easy go to, and very convenient when you don’t have the time to fix a snack. Just be sure to read the labels, since many can have even more sugar and calories than a candy bar. Quest Bars have less than 200 calories and very little sugar and taste amazing. Elemental Superfood bars are raw, gluten free and packed with protein and fiber. They are also extremely easy to make yourself.


Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an ideal snack, because it is light on the stomach and packed with the necessary protein and carbs. It’s great for the high intensity workouts that include plyometrics or interval training. For an extra boost of energy, add some granola and fruit.



Oatmeal is a great pre workout food because it slowly continues to release sugar into the bloodstream, keeping your levels nice and steady. Add some banana to help with nerve and muscle function, and you have a high powered snack for a high powered workout.